Fancy girls day out

Sometimes you just have to celebrate being a girl. It’s a time to get all gussied up, looking pretty. My mom is good at teaching this since I could probably stay in jeans or workout clothes every day. So, mom bought Tot a beautiful dress to go out for Mother’s Day. Since we were in Utah for this occasion, we figured we’d go after church on Sunday

Doug was so kind to snap some photos at church.

Honestly, she is the star of the show every time we walk anywhere. Church is no different. Mostly, people look down as mom and I are invisible. This bothers me NOT AT ALL!

Off we went to the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch for some lunch.

At the table, they supplied us with a nice sheet of activities. Thank goodness since I forgot my bag of goodies.

First, we had to smile pretty for the waiter.

Then it was off to teaching Tot how to play Tic Tac Toe.


Lunch was delicious. The best part was seeing Mama so happy enjoying the time in fancy clothes.

Sharing a piece of me with my loves

Birthdays. They do come once a year, and supposedly, you’re supposed to celebrate them. When they are your own, for some reason, it just doesn’t seem as much fun. I prefer others’ birthdays!

However, I knew one thing: I wanted to share it with those I loved. Namely, Doug, mama, and TOT! What could we all do together? One day, it came to me. I wanted to go back in time and experience a joy of my life, but moreover, share that joy with my little girl. Wow! The chance to give her this gift was my gift. Then, to have mama and Doug present was even more of a present!

We arrived there when open skate began and got our skates. Rentals are very rentally if you know what I mean, but they would do.

Look at the Tot’s skates! Very TOT-like

We got them on after much wiggling and jiggling. Mine were not much more fun to put on, but I knew it would be worth it anyway.

She had a hard time walking, but she would not GIVE UP! NO!

Ok, all bundled up and ready to go!

Ok, Tatum, you can do this!! Her confidence was down, but I knew if I could get her to feel her inner and outer edges, she’d get the gist. I kept telling her to “feel” it as we glided. She would not let go of me or Doug!

I let her skate between my legs

We got it! Then…it happened.
She spotted a small human in hockey skates whirling around. He stopped and she asked how old he was. FOUR!!?? Wait, he’s four and I’m bumbling around!!??? she’s thinking.

That was all she needed. She put her game face on and said, “I CAN DO THIS!” and got on the ice by herself.

Next thing you know, Jackson (this little cutie’s name), and she were off and going. Am I ready for this? They were trying to impress each other!


We ended with getting her maybe a private lesson and I get to have some new skates! IS this the start of something new!!?? (I mean the skating part!) We shall see! I’m just pumped that it was so awesome and fun.

Headed to pick up our salads and sundaes at McDonalds (yes, that is what I wanted!) and headed home …but wait!

Where is the cake?

Tada! Mama! So sweet!

She really made me feel like a  kid again!

I even got to have a Diet Coke for me!

And..I got to be with my loves. (hot fudge sundaes thrown in are a bonus!)

I love you mom, Tot and Doug.

Time to say Goodbye Utah (Part 3)

Well, one of us is up early! (vs. yesterday!)

Tatum had a nice breakfast while I slept a bit longer. The gang was all up enjoying the morning playing games.

It was time to say goodbye, but first, we had to have a game of basketball with the Tomster.

Tot’s getting the skills

Go TOT and TOM!

John, Thomas and Dolly made us all feel so welcomed. We were well fed, well loved, and completely taken care of.

The plane ride home was a chance to pull out the rest of the tricks.

We puppetted, read, and drew. Tatum drew me. (It was Mother’s Day after all!)

You like?

I like.

The Skytrain ended our time.

We kept thinking…..we miss everyone! Tot missed Tommy and can’t wait to see everyone again!

When we got home, Doug left to make sure Mama knew she was loved on Mother’s Day. What a doll!

Mama was happy to see us all and the flowers were  bonus.

ALSO…..The trip was a hit, and we loved every minute.

Good Saturday in beautiful UTAH! (Part 2)

Yesterday was wonderful!
Good morning!  How did you sleep? Tatum and I slept in till 9:30 (8:30 AZ time). Now, this could mean that we slept in or that we just slept in the morning. BZZZZZZZ. B is the answer. Apparently baby was falling out of the bed often, so therefore, it was up to me to find him every few hours.

So, we got up and enjoyed our breakfast with Tommy, Dolly and Doug. Cheerios always hit the spot.

Then she got a bit chilly and Batman could not warm her up. Well, a mommy’s work is never done and THANK GOODNESS for that!

It was time to BREAK THE ICE and play a few rounds before she stole Tommy to play.

We headed to the park, and John and I had a chance to chat. Tommy, Dolly and Tommy kept Tot busy!

It was a bit chilly and windy, so we headed home to (nap) hang out! Dolly and Tommy played with Tot and let me relax a bit! I so appreciate all of them so much!

Tatum wanted to change into cozies, so she found a small shirt (small for large people!) to put on, and she then discovered the droids. She loves droids because she is bigger than them!

It was then time to cook, and Johnathan has THOSE skills! I figured I’d help! Maybe not. My skills are not as sharp (haha)

Again, another lovely dinner, games and chats. I think I need a lot longer in UTAH!

We’ll sleep well tonight! Or will we??????? I’ll tell you one thing: It’s so wonderfully dark and quiet so I should, right?

To Utah we will go! (Part 1)

Since we missed our trip in February due to the sickies all around, we planned to get there before summer. Tatum was literally begging to see Tommy as soon as possible. She couldn’t wait to see her cousin, and we all couldn’t wait to see John, Dolly and Tommy too!

Going to the airport is always a mystery because you never know what to expect! One thing I do know is I come prepared with plenty of goodies for Tot to enjoy. While I’m at it, I threw in a book for me, but I knew that reading would not be accomplished in much detail.

We made sure we knew where we parked since brains are usually not functioning properly upon return. (well, my mommy brain)

Once we got to the gate, I was in search of caffeine, water and los banos. (the trifecta) Tot got her squeezie which was a must for her; Doug got a chance to chill for a moment, and I found a book to read to Tot. Wins all around. 

(he looks pretty handsome here, doesn’t he?)

Once we boarded, it was more of, “What is in that grab bag of goodies, mommy?” She was more interested in what else was in there than what was in there if you know what I mean. I had to temper the excitement.

No joke, I packed enough goodies to last a trip and back. Let’s see:
5 books

A rubik’s cube (this was for me! heehee)

Wax sticks to form shapes

A huge superhero coloring book

A maze book

Colored pencils

A crayola coloring kit

Finger puppets

And…..drum roll please…….

sugar free gum.

All of this in a teeny tiny doggie backpack.

I think the hit was the peanuts and pretzel combo.

We arrived and met John and enjoyed our long drive back to Woodland Hills. Tatum was panting to see Thomas.

When we arrived, we measured Tot since October.

She’s grown!
1/4 inch. 

Did I mention she grabbed Tommy and wouldn’t let go?

I kinda did the same but first marveled at his height. 5’8″ already!

What a doll!

I knew I would have time with Dolly and John later, so we had to take the time to meet Mr. Whiskers. (well, I think she’s a she, but she has the regal Mr.ness about her…like don’t bug me people!)

Mr. Whiskers?? Wanna watch some skills?

John has been teaching Tommy to free throw the way he was taught by our dad. He would be proud.

So we all joined in. Doug has some skills! Tommy has some skills!

Tot has some skills!

Wait for it!

Swoosh! We love that sound

We washed up with Dolly’s help and got ready for dinner.

Later on, Tatum asked to raid Tommy’s shirts for bed and she chose…..

She wore it with pride and appreciation as she glowed in the dark.

John made us a delicious dinner of salad and sandwiches and although that sounds simplistic, it was delightfully fresh and made with love. He is such a kind and all out gracious host. Dolly read to Tot and made it so fun!!

She always has a plethora of fun, engaging things for Tot to do. So grateful!

We ended the night with board games. Watching John and Dolly makes me laugh. They just love teasing each other! What a fun night.

More tomorrow!

Now, the key is…..will Tot and I sleep well?????? Will Doug sleep soundly?

10 days a week

Apparently, Tatum has a busy week! She says she has to go to school 10 days this week! I had no idea she had such a crazy schedule.

Hmmmmmmm, where did she get it?

The Kissing Hand

When Tatum and I depart from one another, we kiss each others’ hands. This comes from the cutest little book called The Kissing Hand.

It’s about a little raccoon who doesn’t want to go to school, so his mommy has him open up his little paw, and she kisses it. He then feel warm love tingles going up his arm into his heart. Then, every time he touches his face with his kissed hand, he experiences her love. They trade kisses on each others’ hands.

It’s now a tradition with us.

you think Coti wants in on the kissing action?

 Probably so!