Each day is a new creation

Today before we arrived to the gym, I discussed the usual basics. This is nothing new. We go through this drill pretty much constantly all day. “Hi, how are you? How is your day? Hello _____”. Nice to meet you” etc etc etc. Kindness. Being focused on the other person. Sharing. You know, the equation for happiness; for gratitude; for expression of Jesus’ love!

She is excellent at saying “Hello ______”, but it usually ends there. Now, she does ask Mama “How are you, Mama?” often, and that warms my heart. It’s starting a conversation!

But, today, was extra special. She walked in, greeted Kathleen, and walked right up to a “giant!” (an 8 year-old) and said, “Hi, I’m Tatum. What’s your name?” As I picked up my jaw from the floor, I smiled and noted that my girl was being caring and kind.

IMG_0087When we got home, she helped me feed Coti, open and close the door, picked up what I dropped, and waited patiently for lunch. This day was a direct opposite of yesterday which will remain unmentionable or I’ll chalk it up to a “learning opportunity.” She even told her baby, Bella that she was naughty yesterday. Introspection! I did not have to remind her; she knew and really cared that she was, desiring to not be today.

I know there will be more challenging days, but to see her grow from a negative experience, turning lemons into lemonade, well, that is just what it’s all about.

We nestled in the rocking chair for our usual 30 minutes of reading and she easily went right into her crib with Bella, the babies, multiple books, a smile, and a desire for a hug and kiss from me. “Bye mommy!” (I can hear her reading to her babies and Bella right now. )

This morning we did begin the day (after getting dressed) with a “Beginner’s Bible” video on Creation. 25 cartoon minutes of fun teaching about the first 7 days of Creation. It even included the serpent tempting Eve and then them being banned from Eden forever. These stories will be the introduction into the hope of Jesus. She kept asking where He was!

Her teachable spirit, her desire to learn, her heart for being better each day…it all blesses me, and I continue to pray for her heart to be filled with HIS love for her.

Thank you, Lord for this amazing Tot.



It’s been pretty awesome to have my first born hang with me lately. He’s been sleeping in my room, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

IMG_0070However, I think the best part is the fact that Tatum loves Coti so much. She being an “only” has produced some anxiety for me lately, I must admit. But she loves playing with him and throwing the ball. They play catch the ball and have the cutest camaraderie.  I even saw her compassionate side poke out as Coti had to go to the Dr. for his foot. Supposedly he has allergies (like the rest of us), and he needed to eat more broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin in his food. Seriously? She said also to never give him garlic, onion, or grapes. Sure… I’ll watch the dog’s spaghetti sauce intake with a side of luscious grapes!?

IMG_0091Anyway she loved on him like her own little brother. AND SHE EVEN let him wear her Minnie barrette! Now that is love.

IMG_0112Love these two cuddle bugs.