Daddy would be proud on this Father’s Day

My dearest father would love this girl. Maybe he’d love me even more because of my being her mommy. This weekend, so much happened.

Friday, she comes right up to me gesturing madly and telling me something very important! Sadly, I had no idea what she was saying, but her tone, facial expressions and up and down hand gestures making a point were extremely clear! The only thing missing? Words. She babbled with the heart of a fluent talker. The past couple days, she continues to gesticulate in the air and communicate. Moreover, we have these full on conversations where I ask her a question and she says, “Yeah.” or “No” but appropriately; she understands everything hence I watch everything I say around her, and I know that every minute is a teachable moment. IT NEVER LETS UP!

Sometimes, I wonder...Am I doing this right?? Tonight, I came to the conclusion that I am. I will make MANY mistakes, but I am doing the best I can with wisdom I can only pray for, and I do…DAILY! It is minute by minute. At one point, she’ll throw me for a loop and disobey me, and I have to think fast…what will I do? How can I handle this appropriately and not emotionally respond. This is my darling girl, and I want to make sure she knows HOW MUCH I LOVE HER, but that she needs to learn what is allowed and not. She needs her boundaries…shoot, that’s my job; to be her spiritual guide, her mentor, and biggest fan! So, I bought her a new baby to hopefully help her learn some kindness to another.

IMG_5005 IMG_4996

I mentioned that her baby might need a diaper change, and next thing I know, I find her in her room trying to put a diaper on her baby! She totally got the concept, yet needed my assistance putting it on.
IMG_5011 IMG_5013

Coti got so freaked out by her antics that he hid under her bed. Now, she cannot be without her audience, so immediately she called for him and crawled under her bed to retrieve Coti.

IMG_5016 IMG_5017


He needed to be part of this family endeavor apparently!

Dad, you would love this wonderful little family of mine. It may not be traditional, but it is FULL OF LOTS OF LAUGHS, a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE.

Tuesday with Tot

Watching her grow boggles my mind. I’m constantly in awe of the littlest things she does, and I wonder where she gets it? I realize she watches me, but it’s curious how her mind works. Today, she discovered the high chair in her room and carefully put baby and Tata in there to read them a book. What I enjoyed watching was how she had the two of them react with each other. She had them kiss and share. Then she had them listen while she (piled) read books to them. 
IMG_4992 IMG_4990 IMG_4986 IMG_4985

IMG_4982 IMG_4984 IMG_4983

Then she responsibly put her books back as she has been modeled and taught. Her kindness and ability to share that with others is what I continually try to capitalize on. Her skills can be taught, but her character needs to be not only taught but caught. How? By me modeling it for her constantly. This comes from the books we read, the consistency of my expectations, and how I act in public and with my loved ones.

Sometimes, it does not go so well. The  minute she swings her hands out of anger or frustration or she throws something out of the same, I have to rectify it by telling her it’s wrong, giving her a time out and showing her what IS expected. Her egocentricism is completely apparent as she discovers the world should revolve around her as it has for the past couple years (and it kind of has!) When she does not get something when SHE expects or the WAY SHE wants it, then DRAMA city. Sadly, I know many adults who still have not grown out of this narcissism. But she will. She will learn patience, kindness, sharing and respect. Also, humility, not high self-esteem, but a healthy respect for herself and a respect for others. How? Time, hard work, consistency and LOTS OF LOVE. And more LOVE.

All was quiet on the western front….

and I wondered, hmmmm what could she be doing in there? As I entered her room (which faces west), I expected a pile of books on the floor, or her toys strewn amok, or all of the kleenex piled to the ceiling, but nope. There she was, quiet as a mouse, paging through her book.


She looked up at me and said, “moo!”, as she pointed to the (thankfully) cow and not the duck. It did not last long as she saw me holding my phone. “Wowo” (which means phone in Tatum speak). I showed it to her, and as usual she took it over. Somehow, she managed to contact Siri, and when I asked for it back, her answer was her new word…….”No.” Aaaaah, yes…the awaited word of N…O. Siri heard this of course, and responded.




How do we worship thee? Let me count four ways

1. By Standing ON TRUTH (with cute shoes of course). Here is the TRUTH: There is no greater Love than that of Jesus. God loves us that much, and sometimes, for reasons I just don’t understand, He plants things in our lives, good and bad, which are to refine us for the better.


2. By being our true selves, making the most of each moment, silliness and all. God created us all different, thank goodness. We all have a side that is child-like, that we suppress, and so what happens? We forget that laughing is good medicine. And sometimes being silly is just good for the soul. We can worship Him by being unafraid to let it all out and rejoice in the day.


3. Singing! Raising our hands to Him shows our reverence and our adoration for His presence in our lives. Sometimes, also, we just want to feel Him. 


I know that my need for personal touch and Love from Him overwhelms me; I need to express my AWE of Him.


…. and I just need to hold on to His rock of stability.

4. By Loving others and showing it always. I worship Him by being mindful that my needs are secondary to loving others more than myself. His Spirit gives me the ability to be completely selfless (and only Him because I sure cannot do it solely!) and take care of others, whether it be smiling at a stranger, helping a student after school, or just being an ear.

For now….. I just am taking my days one at a time, loving Tatum with all my heart, asking God to help me be the best mommy ever, and trying to serve others with a smile. IMG_4955




Help…My OCD is showing

In my daughter. Ok, so I am modeling my obsession with vacuuming and cleaning the floors. What else can I expect than for her to pick this habit up? I did not intend this!
Apparently, next to the xylophone that I had when I was a child, there stood my “Little Bissell” which she discovered on her own. Upon banging away at the xylophone, she grabbed the Bissell. It’s important to point out that she did not get introduced to this contraption, she discovered it on her own; Tatum is not one to take to being introduced to something, for she likes to be the “discoverer.”



She became so successful, that she went into her bedroom and continued! Love this child!
She’s hired!IMG_4944 IMG_4943 IMG_4942

Remembering the Patriot

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died while serving in the US forces.  Memorial Day’s genesis was from the Civil War and a desire to honor the ones who died for our country. The opportunity to make the best of our lives (and others’) is what sets us apart from any other place on earth. For that, I honor this day.

Tatum donned her Stars and Stripes and shared it with her baby. Forever we remember and Thank you.

IMG_4914 IMG_4916